Kulak Koruma

  • Marka: AtlasKKD
  • Model: S2C
  • Stok: Var
Adet (Adet miktarını belirtiniz)



  • For long term use in medium noise level or shorter periods in high noise level environments
  • Best choice in high frequency dominated noise

The Secure helmet mounted earmuff is the ideal choice for any work that requires head and hearing protection, such as; construction, forestry, heavy industry, mining, oil & gas etc. Its durable construction withstands rough environments and the slim design reduces the risk of snagging in branches or confined areas.
Combined with Hellbergs face protection system SAFE you get a full “above-the-shoulder” protection.

Part no: 42002-001
Weight: 271g
SNR: 29
NRR: 24
SLC(80): 28